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Great job Hawston Cadette’s!

Feb 24, 2018
Great job Hawston Cadette’s!

Cyclists have been warned to remain vigilant after various groups of riders have been attacked and robbed on the R43 near Hawston in the past months.

As part of an outreach programme to their community, troops of the Hawston Cadette’s took to the R43 in the area to help motorists become more aware of the plight of cyclists.  The latter were also, in turn, urged to be more vigilant and safety conscious.  

A great shout out the Hawston community and cadette’s that are marshalling to keep cyclists safe over weekends.

Pictured here are Elmo Hansen of Law Enforcement with one of the cadette’s and her rather poignant message: “Be kind to our cyclists”.

Safety first

Although SAPS remains responsible and accountable for safety as per their core mandate to protect the citizens of the Country - in this case the cyclists - safety measures can only succeed if there is a good working relationship between the Municipality and other role players such as the police, neighbourhood watches and security companies.

“From a law enforcement perspective, however, all we can really do is keep raising awareness, be visible, increase patrols and ensure cyclists are aware of where the hotspots are whilst out on the roads,” said Johan du Toit, Assistant Chief: Law Enforcement.