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Green light for Spar expansion plans at Perseverance

NOVEMBER 27, 2014
Green light for Spar expansion plans at Perseverance

The Human Settlements Committee has approved the sale of land in Perseverance on which Spar plans to expand its distribution centre for an upset price of R11 million. In its comments on the application to purchase the 6.3 hectare property, the Human Settlements Directorate states that the land is currently vacant and is zone for “undetermined purposes”.

It points out that from a Town Planning perspective “it is unlikely that the pro-posed sale for industrial purposes will have a negative effect on the surrounding areas.

“However, there is a safety concern should any development take place below the high voltage power line that currently exists. The proposal is desirable, however, the health and safety of the people is also vital and should not be compromised. Therefore, no development should be permitted to take place beneath the power line.”

The report points out that Spar has operated a distribution centre from Perseverance for the past 20 years, adding that the existing facility has been expanded to cater for growth “ to the point where the site has reached its capacity and Spar has been forced to rent additional space off-site to accommodate the volumes moving through the business.

“This has proved to be costly due to duplication of various resources and the increased cost of transport to consolidate deliveries from various sites to the various Spar franchise stores.”

The directorate adds that the site opposite the existing facility owned by the municipality is “an ideal alternative” to other options, recommending that the land should be sold to the company at the price of R11 million. - metrominutes