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Greenest Municipality Competition adjudicators visit Overstrand

Aug 23, 2017
Greenest Municipality Competition adjudicators visit Overstrand

The adjudicators of the Waste Management category of the 2017 Greenest Municipality Competition (GMC) received a warm welcome when they visited Overstrand Municipality on Wednesday.

Overstrand ranked third amongst Western Cape’s Greenest Municipalities overall, and walked off as winner in the category Waste Management for the sixth time in last year’s competition.

Johan van Taak, Overstrand Municipality’s co-ordinator for the competition and the municipality’s Solid Waste Manager: Planning, said that Overstrand has always been a keen supporter of the competition. This competition helps the municipality to focus on things that really matter, and help to improve the quality of our environment and the quality of life, he added.

The adjudication panel consisted of Gregg Adams and Therina Oberholzer from the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs.

The panel had a question and answer session with Johan van Taak and Deputy Director of Infrastructure & Planning Hanré Blignaut, before they embarked on site visits to solid waste facilities and activities across the Overstrand area.

The winners of the competition will be announced in November 2017. 


Caption from left to right; Adjudicators for the 2017 Greenest Municipality Competition, Therina Oberholzer  and Gregg Adams, are welcomed by Overstrand's Manager of Solid Waste and co-ordinator for the competition, Johan van Taak and Hanré Blignaut, Deputy Director of Infrastructure & Planning.