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Grey High School loses twelve matches in a row

Jun 4, 2018
Grey High School loses twelve matches in a row

The hockey club experienced one of the toughest encounters of the season against Grey this past weekend, losing all 12 matches played. There were many closely contested matches, namely the U16B, the 2nd XI and 1st XI, but across all teams, Grey were more skilful and outplayed the College teams in every department. Although this is not a complete list, many players showed composure and skill despite the opposition pressure:

In the U14 matches: Liam Field, Lewis Henagha n, Aidan Reynolds, Lamlani Yawa and Ronan Kennedy. At U16: Rowan Rosenberg, Daniel Pezarro, James Sparks, Jacob Erasmus, Tristan Clayton, Nicholas Holmes, Mitchell Lowe and Kitso Mokgatlhe.

In the open teams: Nestor Walsh, Oscar Liss and Evan Rennie.

The 1st XI match was an exciting, fast-paced match which was evenly contested in the first half, but an early second half goal for Grey gave them the advantage as College struggled to keep the organised and composed Grey midfield at bay. Josh Marx and Peter Jarvis were outstanding, as usual for the College side, and were well supported by Tom Russell, Joey Fisher and Peter Voges among others. As the match wore on the Grey side were able to maintain the pressure on the College defence and converted a second short corner minutes from the end to seal a 2-0 victory.

Hockey Results, St Andrew’s vs Grey High School:

U14D 1-5

U14C 0-7

U14B 0-7

U14A 1-5

U16D 0 - 6

U16C 1-7

U16B 0-1

U16A 0-5

4th XI 0-6

3rd XI 0-8

2nd XI 0-3

1st XI 0-2