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Grey High sports teams bring a good game to festival

Feb 5, 2018
Grey High sports teams bring a good game to festival

Image: Grey High U15A water polo player, Lyal O’Connell, attempts to shoot in the KFC Grey U15 Water Polo Festival in the Grey High School Aquatic Centre over the weekend.

Selborne College won the Festival, beating St Andrew’s College in the Final and the hosts in the semi final.

Summarised scores

GREY U15 Festival

Grey u/15A results was as follows:

Vs Kingswood won 13-2

Vs Stirling won 10-1

Vs Somerset won 13-0

Vs Wynberg won 6-3

Vs Grey College won 17-3

Vs St Albans won 26-2 (Quarter Final)

Vs Selborne lost 5-2 (Semi Final)

Vs Wynberg won 9-5 (3rd /4th play off)


Grey 2nd team results:

Vs St Davids won 7-6

Vs Selborne lost 5-2

Vs Michael House won 9-3

Vs Wynberg  won 9-6

Vs St Andrews lost 8-5

Vs Pearson invitational won 4-2

Vs Paul Roos won 7-2

Vs St Davids lost 7-6 (quarter final)

Vs Michael House won 2-1

Vs Paul Roos won 6-5 (5th place overall)


Grey 1st 8 vs St Andrew’s 1st 1

Grey 2nd 5 vs St Andrew’s 2nd 4

Grey U15 7 vs St Andrew’s U15 5