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Grey High win ITEC Water Polo Tournament in Bloemfontein

Jan 29, 2018
Grey High win ITEC Water Polo Tournament in Bloemfontein

The Grey 1st water polo team won the ITEC Grey College Water Polo Festival in Bloemfontein for the second year running over the weekend.

According to Wendy Beaufort, Marketing Director at Grey High School, the final was a thriller with the Grey 1st  team narrowly  beating Clifton 2 – 1 in the final.

"The team played some scintillating polo during the Festival, and had numerous man-of-match awards, most notably Luke Butler winning the best centre back of the tournament," she added.

"The team’s most dominant performance was against Pearson in the semi-final where the team ran out comfortable 8-4 winners.  

"They  narrowly beat a very competitive, St David’s team  in the quarter final 5 - 4."


POOL ROUNDS:                    Grey High Won                 5              -              3              Crawford

                                                Grey High Won                 10           -              3              Stirling

                                                Grey High Won                 5              -              2              Parktown

QUARTER FINAL                Grey High Won                 5              -              4              St David's

SEMI FINAL                         Grey High Won                 8              -              4              Pearson              

FINAL                                    Grey High Won                 2              -              1              Clifton


Grey invitation Festival.

Grey High Results were as follows:

Under 14 A         vs Paul Roos:  Won 7-4

                                Vs Pearson:  Won 10-2

                                Vs Selborne: Lost 5-6

                                Vs St Andrews: Lost 5-6

Under 15 A         vs Paul Roos: Won 6-2

                                Vs Pearson: Won 12-1

                                Vs Selborne: Lost 4-5

                                Vs St Andrews: Lost 5-6

2nd Team            Vs Paul Roos: won 7-6

                                Vs Pearson: Won 10-2

                                Vs Selborne: Won 4-3

                                Vs St Andrews: Won 5-3

Image: Credit - Duncan Grenfell