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GTJ3 leaves social media buzzing

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 28, 2017
GTJ3 leaves social media buzzing

Social media has been buzzing with a hash tag GTJ3 after this past Saturday’s third annual event called Gqom Trap Juice where the young and old in Port Elizabeth danced to the tunes of several artists.

This year’s annual event was hosted at kwaGqalane in Zwide, Port Elizabeth, where Mziyanda "Fabiano Isidirane" Maki launched his Expensive Gqom album on the day.

According to Fabiano, this was his first album as he used to make music for people to download online, so this was his first CD.

Over 2 700 tickets were sold, which was triple the number of the first GTJ, showing that the annual event has grown tremendously  and all those in a VIP area received a free copy of Fabiano’s new album.

The theme of the GTJ3 was pink and Simamkele Mazondwa kept the audience on their toes and laughing to his endless humour as he was the MC of the show, who showed up on stage with a pitch pink women’s dust coat/cleaning overall. 

Mazondwa was discovered by Fabiano after he gained popularity in his attempt to destroy patriarchy by his feminine comedy videos of himself that he posted on YouTube as well as Facebook.

“I didn’t want a boring show, two weeks before the show I watched Mazondwa’s video’s and I thought wow this guy is really funny so I approached him to become the MC and he agreed then we made a poster of him where it stated that he was going to be the MC,” Fabiano described.

Mazondwa didn’t know that artists like Fabiano would take notice in his talents and make him the MC of such a big event.

“I underestimated what my videos could do because I haven’t even reached 500 views in any of my videos, this was a great experience and I believe that this was only a beginning of greater things,” Mazondwa described.

“The love I received from people was amazing and I discovered more people out there are taking notice in what I do.

“I am trying to break a patriarchy that lets people believe that work that is done in the kitchen is only for women and men are not  supposed to cook, clean and wash the dishes,” he added.

Fabiano also added that this was also growth for him because many  didn’t want the show to go on.

“Many underestimated this show because it is hosted in the  Township by a Township guy, through God the show was a success and I am very grateful to everyone who showed their support and made the show be what it was,” he said.

Fabiano sells his CDs at local taxi ranks and delivers some on by hand because he doesn’t have a recording label yet.

If anyone wants his Album they can just call him on 061 948 1988 and he will deliver.