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Guy Fawkes Day 2016: Municipality has designated these areas for fireworks

Nov 2, 2016
Guy Fawkes Day 2016: Municipality has designated these areas for fireworks

With Guy Fawkes Day, Saturday, 5 November, just around the corner, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to remind residents of the designated areas where fireworks can be legally discharged between 18:00 and 21:00 on Saturday night. 

"Fireworks are potentially dangerous and the indiscriminate discharging thereof is irritating to others and experienced as traumatic by animals. Every year, cases are reported of terrified pets scaling walls and getting lost, maimed or killed on our roads," the municipality warned. 

"The Municipality advises residents who are pet owners to preferably keep their pets indoors or at least locked up over the period, and to constantly monitor their condition."

On Saturday evening, the Municipality will allow residents to discharge fireworks for a three-hour period only, namely between 18:00 to 21:00 and in the following designated open areas and beach areas only:

1)     Fireworks can be discharged in the following areas:

a)     Uitenhage:

i)       Open area between Lovebird Street & Tiryville.

ii)     Open area Uitenhage Sports Ground (Old OC/Swift Rugby Grounds) Kwanobuhle:

iii)   Open area between Ponana Tini- & Tize Street

b)    Despatch

i)       Open area near water wheel in Main Street.

2)     The following beach areas, as hereafter defined:

a)     Joorst Park Beach:
The sandy beach area as well as the back of beach grassed areas within the resort - the sand dunes remain excluded.

b)    Wells Estate Beach:
The sandy beach and the back of beach grassed areas - the sand dunes remain excluded.

c)     Bluewater Bay Beach:
The flat sandy beach area from the Swartkops River Mouth up to the Coega River - all dune areas remain excluded.

Southern Beaches:

The sandy beach area from a line subtended across Kings Beach from the Supertube to the sea at right angles to the low water line (i.e. from in line with Supertube) in a general southerly direction, as far as a similar line subtended through the Beacon opposite Admirality Drive, provided that no rocks will be discharged on that area of King’s Beach to the north of MacArthur Baths without the specific permission of the Department of Civil Aviation. 

All dune and back of beach-grassed areas remain excluded from the designated area.

Residents can report the unlawful discharging of fireworks at their nearest Police station or call the Fire Emergency Control Room at 041-508 5566.