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Hackathon: The SMS reinvented

APRIL 26, 2016
Hackathon: The SMS reinvented

Congratulations to hackathon winner Dylan Warwick and runner up Languteka Machebe, who took part in our hackathon to reinvent the SMS on 22 and 23 April at Propella Futuremakers Hub.

The system developed by Warwick will be used by Propella Futuremakers Hub to communicate with our database.

Warwick’s system was the most versatile, and met our business requirements says Mara Jacobs, receptionist and administrator at Propella Futuremakers Hub.

“With this new SMS system we are able to class our clients into different categories and send out different SMSs to each category,” she says.

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Image: From left - Brydon Leonard (Hackathon Facilitator), Languteka Machebe (Runner up) and Dylan Warwick (hackathon winner). All hackers that took part came from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and are Computer Science Students.