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HAIR BE GONE! The Pink Pebble offers an affordable, painless and lasting hair removal solution

HAIR BE GONE! The Pink Pebble offers an affordable, painless and lasting hair removal solution

It has been a hot summer and the beach days continue! Sadly, ladies we all know how unwanted hair often makes it a mission just to wear those sleeveless tops, shorts and bikinis that you have been dying to show-off. I was also searching for a good and lasting solution when I discovered The Pink Pebble Beauty Salon in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, which now offers the latest advanced Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal treatment.

Unlike traditional methods, the IPL option is gaining popularity because it is budget-friendly and removes hair quickly without traumatising the body. It works by applying laser pulses on the skin to destroy hair follicles while allowing for immediate cooling to relieve the skin of any stress. I was more than happy to try it out.

On my arrival at The Pink Pebble, I was given a standard indemnity to fill out during a brief pre-treatment consultation. The form was very informative and explained what I could expect from the treatment as well as how to ensure treatment lasts longer. Afterwards, I hopped onto the bed ready for my treatment.

My underarms where wiped down before a clear conductive gel was applied. The gel conducts the light pulses over the treatment area. Just as a precaution, I also had to close my eyes when the red laser came on.

The treatment took about 15 minutes and there after I was able to return to work. I couldn’t believe how quick, convenient and painless it was. I only felt a slight discomfort where the skin was close to the bone that connects to the shoulders. Megan Barnard, the friendly owner of The Pink Pebble, had described this during our consultation.

She had also explained that the number of treatments depends on what area you are having treated as well as your personal hair growth, hair colour and skin colour. These vary between six and 10 sessions which are done once a month. At The Pink Pebble, you will not need to pay the full price on your follow up sessions - but only per ‘shot’, which I found very considerate. Remember to shave the target area before the treatment.

Needless to say, it has since been a hair-free summer for me. Besides saving me money on hair removal products, it has been excitingto be able to wear what I want without thinking twice about it.

To book your appointment, call The Pink Pebble on 041 365 3059 or 082 079 8072or visit them at 52 Mangold Street in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.