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Have a heart for children with cancer

Jan 30, 2018
Have a heart for children with cancer

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is calling on all South Africans to “Have a Heart for Childrenwith Cancer” on 15 February 2018. International Childhood Cancer Day (ICC) is a global collaborative initiative to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to express support for children with cancer, survivors and their families.

In developed countries, childhood cancer has become largely curable with the overall survival rate reaching between 70% and 80% whereas in South Africa the rate is approximately 55%. CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA aims to improve this rate by creating awareness of the early warning signs of childhood cancer.   Early detection of childhood cancer affords early diagnosis enabling a better chance of being cured and an increase in the survival rate.

In support of ICCD, CHOC is calling on schools, corporates and community groups to join CHOC Celebrities and CHOC Ambassadors such as Phumeza Mdabe, Jessica Nkosi, Romina Armellini, Anga Makubalo, Maurice Paige and Kenneth Nkosi in wearing blue with the ICCD badge or heart pin on 15 February. Blue pants, blue shirts, blue suits, blue dresses, blue ribbons, blue hearts – it will help spread the message.

In addition to wearing blue, buy a loved one a delicious heart-shaped chocolate or a trendy “have a heart for children with cancer” badge or heart pin for Valentine’s Day. Visit the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation website – www.choc.org.za – to purchase ICCD badges, chocolates and pins from a CHOC office near you or to find out about the early warning signs of childhood cancer. Knowing about these signs, and passing on your knowledge could well save a precious child’s life.

Many childhood cancers have higher survival rates when diagnosed early. Unfortunately, childhood cancers are sometimes overlooked or misdiagnosed because early symptoms are mistakenly attributed to more common injuries or illnesses.

It is recommended that children have regular medical check-ups and that parents pay close attention to the development of any unusual symptoms and know the early warning signs of childhood cancer. Leaflets detailing these early warning signs are available from CHOC as part of the organisation’s Awareness Programme.

CHOC Port Elizabeth aims to assist children that are treated for cancer in Port Elizabeth; providing on and off site support at the paediatric oncology unit at Provincial Hospital. Most of the children treated here are between the ages of 2 and 15 years old, and come from poor communities, and without a medical aid.

On average we currently support 50 children with cancer who are receiving regular treatment at the hospital; 40 of whom are active chemotherapy patients and 10-15 are seriously ill and admitted to the ward.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer and other life-threatening blood disorders, and their families. Support International Childhood Cancer Day – Thursday, February 15. Have a Heart for Children with Cancer.

For more information contact Anne-Marie Stephenson; Fundraising Manager – CHOC Eastern Cape; 086 111 2110