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Hawks in PE forced to kill dogs in R560 000 drugs bust

Apr 9, 2015
Hawks in PE forced to kill dogs in R560 000 drugs bust

After realizing that he was cornered by the members of the Hawks, he dropped down the box of drugs he was carrying, and then he set vicious dogs to the men of law before jumping the wall to the neighbor’s yard.

Little did he know that the police were steps ahead of him and he was arrested before he could flee.

The Hawks in Port Elizabeth were acting on Crime Intelligence information about a drug shipment which was to be delivered at a certain premises in the Bethelsdorp area in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Upon arrival at a wall-fenced house, the police noticed a young man running through the backyard carrying a box. The man then dropped the box next to two dogs, untied them as he jumped the 12-foot wall.

The vicious dogs charged at the police and acting in self-defence, the police shot and fatally wounded the two dogs. A box with approximately 14 000 mandrax tables worth about R560 000 was seized.

The SPCA was informed about the incident.

The suspect, aged 23, will appear before the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Friday.