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Healing your body after injury can be faster with Incrediwear!

By Jesica Slabbert - Apr 16, 2019
Healing your body after injury can be faster with Incrediwear!

Incrediwear accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions

Port Elizabeth - Has injury made you unable to live the life you want? Are you craving freedom and wish to return to your once active life? Thanks to revolutionary products developed by Incrediwear, you can speed up the time you need to recover from injury.

It’s true, from the moment you get injured, your body will have started the process of repairing itself, but experts agree there are things you can do to help your body heal faster - and Incrediwear is one of them.

Their products were actually developed from a personal experience with injury. After a near fatal cycling accident threatened to leave him paralyzed for life, Jackson Corley, the founder, decided he needed a solution and a new way to heal quicker and get back to is former active life.

From that desire, in 2009, Incrediwear was established. The company has since grown and has built a reputation for healing products that actually work!

How does Incrediwear work

Since its creation, Incrediwear has strived to revolutionize the health and fitness industry. They create products that help increase circulation in the body in order to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, optimize performance and help speed up your recovery.

What makes Incrediwear unique is that it does not need to compress in order to work.

Incrediwear products incorporate semi-conductor elements within the fabric that releases negative ions when stimulated by body heat. Negative ions activate molecular vibrations increase circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the area that has been affected.

Increasing the circulation in the body helps optimize the body’s natural healing process, thus speeding up your recovery. Other benefits of using Incrediwear products include reduced swelling, optimized performance, reduced fatigue and thermoregulation.

Incrediwear offers a wide range of products

Incrediwear produces a wide range of products that suite different needs you may have.

Performance products are perfect for athletes who want to push pat their limits and redefine their best. Products such as the shoulder brace, arm sleeve and elbow sleeve can increase blood flow, provide support, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce pain and accelerate recovery of shoulder or elbow injuries.

Movement and mobility products are suited for those who want to live with pain-free mobility and enjoy activities such as yoga, a morning run and more. Products such as calf sleeves, knee sleeves and men’s and women’s performance pants can help optimize performance, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, and shin and knee related injuries.

Recovery products can help you make incredible progress during your recovery from a muscle-related injury. Hip braces, knee sleeves and shoulder braces were developed to accelerate recovery and provide support for hip, knee and shoulder-related injuries.

Incrediwear also has a range of products designed for horses and help them the same way their products help humans. Equine products range from circulation neck sleeves, exercise bandages, standing wraps, hoof socks and a calming saddle pad.

To find out more about Incrediwear, visit theironline store today!