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Healthier outlook leading to healthier investment choices

By Cypraea Sands - Feb 3, 2015

South Africans are embracing healthier lifestyles, with fitness and diet regimes and participation in organised activities such as park runs and MTB races reaching unprecedented levels.

Increasingly, this focus on overall health and wellness is also filtering through to property and infrastructure investment choices.

“People are becoming very aware of the importance of prioritising wellness in their lives,” says wellness expert Lana Raleigh. “There is a definite shift away from sedentary living to embracing more active lifestyles, and this is resulting in people looking for convenient, sustainable ways to incorporate fitness into their daily routine.”

As a result, there is a definite preference among lifestyle estate investors for those estates that prioritise outdoor activities and sporting facilities that make it easier to adopt a more active lifestyle.

“Healthy living has become exceptionally important to people of all ages,” says Niels Andersen of Cypraea Sands Estate on the East Coast.

“At Cypraea we recognise this, and we’ve ensured that our estate offers a wide variety of activities and sporting facilities that will allow estate residents to live their best, healthiest lives, in the comfort of their own secure estate.”

Situated just 25 minutes from East London, Cypraea Sands Estate benefits from exquisite weather all-year round, with balmy summers and mild, outdoor-friendly winters. To capitalise on its protected coastal layout, the complex features a tennis court, bowling green, swimming pool, 9-hole par-3golf course, bike trails and a multi-purpose activity centre ideally suited for indoor activities such as art classes, yoga and pilates, as well as a clubhouse with a fully functional kitchen and bar facilities.

In addition to its superior on-site facilities, Cypraea Sands homeowners have private beach access, offering a range of beach and water sport options while slightly further afield, a number of championship-standard, 18-hole golf courses beckon.

 “Interestingly the trend towards getting and staying active and healthy is equally – if not more – important as people near or pass retirement age,” Raleigh points out.

This increasingly means that lifestyle estates must meet the health and wellness needs of people of all ages.

Andersen concurs. “As people move through life, health issues become increasingly more important. Cypraea recognises this. For this reason, a medical centre and frail care unit is planned as an element of our life-rights Seniors Village and will service the entire estate.

“If senior residents become ill, either for a short while or more chronically, houses are designed to accommodate live-in care-givers and wheel chair access. In addition a modern hospital is located in Beacon Bay, a suburb of East London, which is a 20 minute road trip from the gates of Cypraea Sands Estate.”

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About Cypraea Sands Estate

Cypraea Sands Lifestyle Estate, situated at the gateway to South Africa’s renowned Wild Coast, 30 kms north-east of East London, is an eco-friendly exclusive enclave of up to 77 classic homes, designed for refined yet casual coastal living.

The concept of the estate was created for those people that have the time and the means, as well as the desire, to enjoy the finer things in life. This tightly secured, fenced and guarded property is amongst the finest country-coastal lifestyle estates in the world, with the added access to health care and assisted living.

Cypraea will appeal to both first and multi-home residents. The friendly ambiance in this select community will give owners the opportunity to create harmonious living experiences to suit their needs. There are a host of wonderful leisure and sporting facilities, either on the estate or within close proximity. Depending on one’s mood, tranquility and relaxation can interchange seamlessly with exercise and action.

You will not need to move home again, Cypraea Sands Lifestyle Estate provides you with direct access to Cypraea Sands Seniors Village with life rights units and full medical care.

- For more information visit: http://www.cypraeasands.co.za