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Heart for people, heart for animals: Havilah Designer Jewellers does great things for charity

By Natali Iverson - Feb 29, 2016
Heart for people, heart for animals: Havilah Designer Jewellers does great things for charity

Havilah Designer Jewellers, situated in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, organised a successful charity venture in December 2015, where they donated 10% of in-house brand sales to two local charities - Love Story and Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue.

These charities were chosen, as by doing so, Havilah contributed to the needs of both destitute people and animals in need.

“Havilah has a heart for charity and we believe that if every small business does a little bit, it will make a big difference for those who need the help. So we feel that it’s important for everyone to do what they can,” Sheyna, Havilah’s PR said.

 “We chose December, because Christmas time is a season for giving - so we thought it would be a great way for giving back to those that are needy,” she added.

This is the second year, in which they have held this December ‘charity drive'.  The first one resulted in each charity receiving R13 000.00.

Love Story, is a charity which has a lot of facets, such as feeding schemes, where they manage soup kitchens, hand out grocery parcels and make sandwiches for school children who don’t have lunch. They also do community upliftment, donate clothing, toys, hospital handouts and do early child development projects,  throughout Nelson Mandela Bay.

They also mainly rely on donations, and representative for Love Story, Anita Boucher said “this donation will help us to continue to reach out to the people and will help us continue the extent of our reach.”

Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue has three volunteers who run the charity, Estelle Timms, Cindy Ferreira and Nikki Pollak. They started rescuing, re-homing and rehabilitating dogs in 2011, and eventually started sponsoring the sterilisation of the dogs, mainly for people who could not afford it.

In 2014, the municipal pound burnt down.  Luckily no dogs were hurt, but they now do not have any shelter facilities and are forced to rely on foster homes. Their main focus now is on sterilisation, and last year (2015) they sterilised over 200 dogs in the poorer areas, 52 of those dogs were sterilised thanks to Havilah’s previous donation.

They also rely mainly on donations from the public, and do raffles every now and then to raise money. Estelle said that they are so grateful for Havilah’s donations, as it will go a long way in getting many more dogs sterilised.

This year, each charity received a wonderful R15 000, thanks to Havilah’s generosity. Havilah plan to run this drive every December for the foreseeable future.

Havilah Designer Jewellers is a family business, which was established in 1996. They manufacture quality, custom designed and hand crafted jewellery, from stunning diamond engagement rings to wedding bands, birthday and anniversary gifts or anything special for any occasion.

They stock international jewellery brands such as, Pandora, Nomination, Engelsrufer, Bering Watches and Rochet men's jewellery, and also do repairs, valuations and remodelling of old jewellery.

Want to find a special gift for a loved one? Then visit Havilah at 38 6th Avenue, Walmer, call them 041 581 1942 or visit their website at www.havilah.co.za.


Photo caption: From left to right, Anita Boucher (Love Story), Estelle Timms (Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue), Sheyna D'Hooghe (Havilah Designer Jewellers HR) and Carol Jackson (Owner of Havilah Designer Jewellers).