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Heated exchanges and screaming battles at Nelson Mandela Bay Council Meeting

By Afikile Lugunya - Dec 4, 2018
Heated exchanges and screaming battles at Nelson Mandela Bay Council Meeting

There were heated exchanges and screaming battles between Councillors at the Jebe Nangoza Hall, in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, where the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is holding a Council Meeting. 

"I want you to go home and hang yourself," the Democratic Alliance's (DA) Nqaba Bhanga told Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Council Speaker, Buyelwa Mafaya, after accusing her of being arrogant.

"As the DA, we reject the fact that this meeting is starting without dealing with the issue of the City Manager, it's an easy thing, you are being helped, but you are being arrogant.

"For this meeting to be legal you must first appoint a municipal manager, but because you are unhelpable I want you to go to the home and hang yourself, do it because this meeting is illegal.

"We are going to meet in an important place and that day you will pay for that." 

However, the Mafaya stood firm and insisted that she will not be intimidated by Bhanga insisting that the meeting will continue and finish.

"I am the only Speaker in this Council, I will be the Speaker until 2021".

Chaos errupted as Executive Mayor Bobani took to the floor and accused Bhanga of killing two people in a car accident.

Mafaya was forced to ask the Mayor to withdraw the statement.

Bobani was also involved in a screaming match with DA councillor, Retief Odendaal, saying Odendaal will be arrested, but did not say on what charges.

The Mayor was also forced to withdraw after calling the DA's Werner Senekal a liar in Council. Senekal said he was going to lay charges against the Mayor.

Bhanga wanted rogue DA Councillors removed from

Bhanga had voiced protests since the council meeting started on Tuesday. Right after the prayer, he rised on a point of order and told the council that there were members of the public sitting with Councillors illegally.

He was referring to rogue DA councillors, Trevor Louw and Neville Higgins, and highlighted that the Acting Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Municipal Manager has declared that there is vacancy for their positions. 

"They are sitting in this meeting illegally as members of the public."

The African National Congress' (ANC) Andile Lungisa, responded that: "Bhanga has a legal team to deal with that, we are a council not a court and if Bhanga has a problem with the duo he must go to the High Court to complain about that not to us."

Mafaya said: "As the Speaker, I have not received anything that is from the the Municipal Manager that says that there is a vacancy declared by IEC.

"Until such time that I receive a notice that there is a vacancy, I will declare that, for now they can remain in the Chamber." 

The presence of the Councillors does not bode well for the DA and the African Christian Democratic Movement (ACDP), which are hoping to get Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, removed through motions of no confidence over alleged corruption and interference in the administration of the Metro.

The Council Meeting continues...

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