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Heatherbank Students receive early Easter Treat

By A'neil Philander - Apr 1, 2015
Heatherbank Students receive early Easter Treat

As the first school term comes to a close, 34 children from the Heatherbank Primary School received a sweet treat on Friday, March 27th.

Varsity College’s VC Cares Committee hosted a fun filled Easter Party at the Holmeleigh Farm Yard for the children. The Easter Party provided the children of Heatherbank Primary with a chance to relax and have some fun after a busy first term of school.

Heatherbank Primary School is an NPO which educates underprivileged children from the Walmer Township.

“All of our children are from the disadvantaged community so the opportunity for them to experience “farm life” with a tractor ride and feeding the animals is a wonderful memory that will remain in their memory boxes for life.  Thank you so much to Varsity College for making this memory for our children” says Sharon Webb representative of Heatherbank Primary School.

Cleo Prince Vice Chairperson of the VC Cares Committee says: “The Easter Party is something we have done for the second year now with the exception of a different organization but every year it touches our hearts, the smiles and joy on the little children’s faces are priceless”.

The day proved to be a fun filled one. The children enjoyed a tour, fed the animals and enjoyed a tractor ride. Huge smiles and excitement graced the children’s faces as they received a special visit from the Easter Bunny while enjoying a lovely light lunch and dessert.