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Heavy rain and snow forecast for the weekend

JULY 23, 2015
Heavy rain and snow forecast for the weekend

Expect a wet and cold weekend, with heavy falls in the former Transkei and excessive snowfalls in the Eastern Cape Drakensberg, according to the Port Elizabeth office of the SA Weather Services.

"A cut-off low will move in over the country on Friday.This system will bring with it  good to heavy falls of rain over the entire Eastern Cape," said Garth Sampson, SA Weather Services spokesperson for the Eastern Cape, said in a statement.

"Heavy falls of rain of 50mm and more, per day, will occur over the former Transkei and Amatole regions. Significant falls are also expected in the Sundays River, Port Alfred and Nelson Mandela Metro areas."

He said that heavy snowfalls of up to 50cm of accumulated snow in places will fall over the Southern Drakensberg.

"Due to these snowfalls conditions will remain cold for the clear days following the weekend. Snow can also be expected over the high lying areas of the rest of the Eastern Cape, but these snowfalls are not expected to be disruptive.

"Considering the persistent rain over the last few days, the ground over most areas is super-saturated. This will lead to flooding in places, even with less significant falls," he said.

"People in low lying areas are urged to take the necessary precautions. This is also will also result in good run-off for our dams catchment area.

"With these cold and wet conditions, people are advised to be vigilant on the roads and small stock farmers are advised to take the necessary precautions. Condition will start clearing from the west on Sunday night."


Rain measured for last 3 days  up to 08h00 Wednesday 22 July 2015

Port Elizabeth                    9 mm                     15 mm                  7 mm

Coega                                   3 mm                     17 mm                  4 mm

Blue Horizon Bay              9 mm                     2 mm                    5 mm

Elands River                        5 mm                    15 mm                   2 mm

Flower Reserve                17 mm                   15 mm                  5 mm

Kriegers Kraal                    11 mm                   38 mm                  3 mm

Riverstone Bridge            7 mm                     12 mm                  7 mm

PE Chatty Fire Station     4 mm                    19 mm                   4 mm

St Albans Prison                6 mm                    17 mm                   4 mm

Third Avenue Dip             9 mm                     16 mm                  5 mm

Fettes Rd                             8 mm                    17 mm                   7 mm

Uitenhage                           4 mm                    15 mm                   1 mm

East London                       1 mm                     53 mm                  7 mm

Bisho                                     3 mm                     40 mm                  2 mm

George                                 20 mm                  5 mm                     0.1 mm

Plettenberg Bay               18 mm                   4 mm                    2 mm

Mossel Bay                         8 mm                     6 mm                    Nil

Mthatha                              NIL                         10 mm                   0.2 mm

Port Alfred                          13 mm                  43 mm                  3 mm

Graaf Reinett                     3 mm                    15 mm                   2 mm

Cradock                                2 mm                    11 mm                   2 mm

Ft Beaufort                         7 mm                     41 mm                  12 mm

Grahamstown                   9 mm                     37 mm                  1 mm

Somerset East                   3 mm                     23 mm                  2 mm

Addo                                     8 mm                     28 mm                  3 mm

Steytlerville                        Nil                           13 mm                  x

Elliot                                      Nil                           8 mm                     2 mm

Queenstown                     Nil                           32 mm                  23 mm

Barkley East                        Nil                           3 mm                    1 mm


Dams Catchment

Joubertina                          0.2 mm                 13 mm                   1 mm

Patensie                              10 mm                   32 mm                  1 mm

Kareedouw                        8 mm                     5 mm                     17 mm

Kouga                                   3 mm                     17 mm                  6 mm


Average level of main storage dams for the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro 83%