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Heavy rains experienced in George

Heavy rains experienced in George

The George area experienced heavy rainfall on 30th September from approximately 16h00 - 20h00. In this timeframe a total of 58 mm was measured and the Garden Route Dam is 100% full.

"The George Municipal Emergency Services received a total of 109 complaints. The Directorate for Human Settlements, Land Affairs and Planning provided gunplast to 169 houses in Borcherds, Thembalethu, Parkdene, Conville, Rosemore and Rosedale," the Geroge Municipality said.

"Power outages were repaired on Wednesday evening and Thursday to the following areas: Victoria Bay, Syferfontein, Hansmoeskraal, Hoekwil, Wilderness Heights, Barnard Line, Glenwood line, Saasveld line, Thembalethu: Portion of Zone 7 and 9,  Rondebossie, Herolds Bay,  Brakfontein Line, Hoekwil and portion of George Industrial area.

"Four storm water teams were established on Wednesday and the worst areas were addressed between 16h30 and 23h30. Complaints were prioritised as some were life-threatening.

"A number of the stormwater systems were not able to handle the extremely heavy downpour experienced. Streets and sidewalks in Delvillepark, Blanco, Borcherds and Thembalethu were damaged. The teams worked in difficult and dangerous circumstances and clean up operations were completed on Thursday in the affected areas."