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Helenvale Resource Centre to be Leased to MBDA

JANUARY 14, 2015
Helenvale Resource Centre to be Leased to MBDA

The Human Settlements Directorate has recommended that the Helenvale Resource Centre should be leased to the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA).

In a report to the Human Settlements Committee, the directorate says that this will allow the MBDA to enter inter subleases with “prequalified organisations."

The aim of this, it explains, is “to bring services and all resources from both government and non-governmental organisations to the Helenvale community at large.

The MBDA has been mandated to implement the Helenvale Urban Renewal Programme (HURP).

The report states that the MBDA proposes that the organisation to whom premises should be sub-let should be limited to societally-orientated and registered not profit organisations.

In addition they should be sub-let to government departments. - MetroMinutes.


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