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Here are the Overstrand's by-laws on estate agent and show-house signboards

Jun 13, 2018
Here are the Overstrand's by-laws on estate agent and show-house signboards

Outdoor advertising and signs remains a challenge throughout the Overstrand and estate agents especially risk being caught on the wrong side of the law unless they familiarise themselves with the Municipality’s advertising and signage by-law.

No sign may be put up within a traffic circle or within the road reserve thereof. In addition, outdoor advertising and signs should not compromise the functioning and safety of traffic and/or pedestrians. Posters are also not allowed on any kind of traffic related pole, i.e traffic light or stop streets.

We urge business people – but especially estate agents -to respect and abide by the Municipality’s by-law relating to outdoor advertising and signage for the correct advertise procedures.

For show days estate agents may not put up more than two direction boards. The boards may only be put up from midday on Fridays and must be removed before noon (12 pm) on Mondays.

Show House signs:

  • May only be erected from 12:00 midday on Fridays until 12:00 noon on Mondays;
  • Only one sign may be erected on the show property;
  • Only two ‘directional’ signs per agency are permitted
  • Show house signs may only be erected if the house is shown for a minimum of two hours by a registered house sitter or qualified agent (this excludes all ‘view by appointment only’ show houses);
  • Size of signs may not exceed 0.27m²;
  • Flags and banners may be displayed at the property shown ONLY during actual show times;
  • If situated within a complex or apartment block, only one sign may be erected outside the premises;
  • Should the show house be cancelled due to any circumstances, the signs should be removed immediately.

For Sale signs:

  • Only two for sale signs are permitted per property of which not more than one may be from a particular estate agency;
  • Signs should be placed within the property.   If not possible due to boundary walls, they may only be placed 0.5m from the edge of the boundary;
  • Signs may only be erected on the property concerned - direction signs to a different property are not allowed;
  • In case of an enclosed development / complex only one sign per agency may be erected outside the property - and only permitted if the agency has a property for sale within the development / complex;
  • Signs may not exceed 0.27m² in size.

Sold signs:

  • Sold signs may be erected on a property for a period of one month only after the sale as per the same conditions as for sale signs.

Take note that any signs which do not comply with the by-law will be removed without further notice.

The bylaw can be found on the Overstrand Municipality's website www.overstrand.gov.za under the Bylaws tab. (www.overstrand.gov.za/en/documents/bylaws). 

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the standards and rules set out within this by-law, taking special note of section 1.9, 5.3 and Schedule A (Estate agents' boards and show house signs - Class 2g(iv)