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Hermanus Business Chamber concerned by Zwelihle protest

Jul 13, 2018
Hermanus Business Chamber concerned by Zwelihle protest

The Hermanus Business Chamber says that it has noted with concern that residents of Zwelihle had been prevented from going to work due to unrest over housing.

"The latest unrest stems from charges that were laid against community leaders after the illegal removal of a fence between Zwelihle and Sandbaai at the weekend," the Chamber saidd in a statement.

"Subsequently, some leaders including the leader of Zwelihle Renewal were arrested which further fuelled violent acts and the continuation of the strike until at least the weekend." 

It said that as a representative of businesses in Hermanus, the Chamber calls on the Zwelihle leadership to immediately call off the strike and allow residents to return to work.

"The economic sabotage of a whole town following due process being followed by the SAPS cannot be condoned. The economic impact suffered by businesses in Hermanus due to unrests the past few months has severely impacted all of our members and cannot be allowed to continue any longer."

It said that, although the Chamber fully endorses all worker’s rights to strike, it should be a voluntary action and not due to intimidation.

"We have great sympathy with the plight of all residents regarding the shortage of housing and land and are working tirelessly behind the scenes with several role players to assist in solving this problem," the Chamber said.

"We also urge our members, if possible, to keep the doors of their businesses open as this is of benefit to our community. We would also like to assure tourists that Hermanus is still open for business and a safe destination to travel to."