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Hijackers target road to Bloemfontein

Jun 19, 2015
Hijackers target road to Bloemfontein

Two hijacking attempts involving rocks in the road were reported near Bloemfontein this week, police said.

“Both efforts were unsuccessful, but this is still worrying enough for us to warn the public,” Constable Mosili Ntsika told News24 on Thursday.

Both hijacking attempts happened within an hour from one another on the R702 road between Bloemfontein and Dewetsdorp on Sunday.

In one of the incidents, the driver got out of his car to try and remove the rocks, but then decided to turn around. 

"Police only heard of the second attempt later, as it was not officially reported. We have no detail, apart from knowing the driver got away without harm," Ntsika said. 

“I suggest that drivers try to drive around the rocks cautiously, and if that is not possible, to turn around. But don’t stop and try to remove the rocks,” she said.


---News 24wire