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HIMOINSA gensets are excellent for power backup

Jul 26, 2017
HIMOINSA gensets are excellent for power backup

Although load shedding seems to be a thing of the past, businesses can still expect to have power cuts due to scheduled maintenance on the power distribution infrastructure as well as temporary power loss due of cable theft, lightning strikes and decaying infrastructure.

If your business can suffer catastrophic losses because of power failure then you should be looking to HIMOINSA for a solution.  Here’s why.

The batteries used in HIMOINSA generator sets are ready to withstand multiple charge/discharge cycles, increasing their service life. Even at high temperatures, these batteries can last for up to twice as long as conventional batteries.

HIMOINSA incorporates an internal silencer to optimise the size of the container and to minimise transport and installation costs and times. This exhaust system is included in all containers as standard.  If you’re in the hospitality industry, having a quiet running generator is important.

The containers that house HIMOINSA generators are painted by means of an exhaustive four-step process that includes washing and passivation pretreatment and surface application of a liquid with three separate components.

This guarantees a very high level of corrosion resistance.  Thus, if you are having to leave your generator exposed to the elements due to lack of roofed floor space, you can rest assured that your generator will not degrade.

HIMOINSA brings added value to the Data Center sector with its Engineering Solutions, a concept that defines the company's work and consists of designing and adapting all products to each project, based on extensive technical know-how to tailor equipment to the customer's unique specifications.

Martin Foster, Managing Director of HIMOINSA South Africa says, “Our products are engineered, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Despite being cost effective in terms of CAPEX and when combined with low OPEX costs which include maintenance and fuel consumption, make them the perfect choice for any back up or operational power solution.

"Our products are supported by our factory trained 24/7/365 after sales service availability across the region and best in class warranty terms.”