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Home based care programme initiated by George Municipality Mayor Naik

Nov 21, 2017
Home based care programme initiated by George Municipality Mayor Naik

A Home-Based Care programme was initiated by the Executive Mayor of George, Alderman Melvin Naik, to empower the community and families to cope effectively with the physical, psycho-social and spiritual needs of those living with life threatening illnesses.

Ald Naik said at the core of a healthy community lies the need to care for one another, support one another and serving one another through positive and uplifting action. It is of cardinal importance that care in the community must become care by the community.

The mayor requested the communities of George to open their houses for the Home-Based Care programme individuals. These individuals who are only busy with assessments now until they have finished their training carry identification cards so that the community can identify them. He also asked the community to open their doors to the other organisations namely Bethesda and IthembaLobomi that are already specialised in Home Based Care.

Ms Leachia Lee, Coordinator of the programme in the George Municipality Social Department, said, the programme will also provide education on the prevention of these illnesses and much needed support to family members in their caregiving roles. The goal is to promote, restore and maintain the maximum level of comfort and functioning of patients within the family setting.

Eight wards have been identified by the Executive Mayor and 25 people were appointed to serve in the following wards: 1, 6, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21 and 25. Lee said, they already received accredited Phelophepha Health Care training, Counselling training and Basic Communication and other associated modules. They still need to do their Home-Based Care training to comprehensively fulfil their duties.

Currently the trainees are busy in the said communities with a Community Assessment only, to identify the Social, Economic and Health challenges in the identified wards.

On completion of their Home-Based Care training, their responsibilities will consist of:

promoting, restoring and maintaining a person’s maximum level of comfort; to provide back-up for people, who need extended health care; to provide patients with health care who has been discharged early from hospital and need health care; aiding at risk or frail older persons and people with moderate to severe disabilities.

They will also assist people patients recovering from illnesses, in need of assistance post deliveries or after specific treatment; terminally ill persons; persons living with HIV/AIDS or any other debilitating disease and conditions like mental illness, substance abusers or any other disadvantaged group/person in need of such care and people in crisis. These carers will also be assisting clinics or Non-Governmental Organisations who specialises in Home Based Care.

Image: Ald Melvin Naik, George Mayor flanked by Ald Mercia Draghoender, Portfolio Councillor for Social Development (right) and Leachia Lee from the George Municipal Social Services department with the Home Based Carers who are still in training. They are busy with assessments in the community now to assist them as soon as they are operational. Ald Naik urged the community to open their doors to these workers and other home-base workers who will be executing much needed work for especially the sick.