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Honours Award for First Aid - Nic Stadler

Oct 3, 2018
Honours Award for First Aid - Nic Stadler

Since Grade 9 at St Andrew’s College, Nic Stadler has been a dedicated member of the First Aid Club and an active volunteer.  Since 2016, he has also been a member of the Club’s Leadership Committee. 

Nic plays an important role in the team, bringing fresh ideas and good problem-solving skills to the group. He is also an asset to the first aid squad, remaining calm and decisive in any situation.

Nic is a proficient first aider and serves as a great role model to junior club members.

He is keen and reliable and always willing to fill the gap and stand in when needed.

His strong administrative skills have been an asset to the running of the club and his calm and practical approach on the field is a reassurance to those he is assisting.

The hours that he has committed to packing kits, preparing equipment and effective first aiding have contributed hugely to the success of the club. Nic has given over 150 hours of dedicated service, which shows outstanding commitment.

Nic is most deserving of this Honours Award.

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