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Honours Award for First Aid - Nicholas de Jager

Oct 3, 2018
Honours Award for First Aid - Nicholas de Jager

Nicholas de Jager has brought energy and enthusiasm to the St Andrew’s College First Aid Club since his Grade 8 year and his commitment has been unwavering. His dedication to the club has been exemplary, from recruiting new members to always delivering a high level of care to those injured during sport or on campus. 

Nicholas completed the Level 3 First Aid course in his Grade 8 year and repeated it last year to keep his skills and knowledge up to date. He is a highly competent first aider.

Whether at the side of the rugby field, astro turf, Settlers Dam, during Fish River Journey or at the poolside, Nicholas has consistently and selflessly given of his time and skills to the benefit of those around him.

In addition to his knowledge and skills, Nicholas has shown leadership within the club.

He has been an excellent role model to his peers and eagerly shares his knowledge with club members, relating how to deal with challenging situations as a first aider and the importance of applying first aid principles to every situation.

He has led the club effectively, tirelessly attending to the administrative duties of the club, chairing first aid meetings and always bringing an interactive and fun element to practising skills with the team.

Nicholas’ passion and commitment to First Aid are evident and his devotion of over 200 hours to First Aid service is an outstanding achievement. 

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