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Hooters, the warmest restaurant in town

Hooters, the warmest restaurant in town

In the normal course of events I wouldn’t visit a restaurant whose main attraction is T&A.  Firstly because I want good food when eating out and secondly because I don’t like any culture that is demeaning.

However, when a fellow staff member told me that Hooters PE had accumulated nearly 5 000 Facebook likes less than 3 days after opening I felt that, in the interests of investigative journalism and consideration to you, dear reader, I needed to visit.

With all the popularity and media hype I was concerned that I would not find parking or a table but, thanks to a large car park, ample table space and an attractive waitress with a beautiful smile I was soon seated with a menu in hand.

I ordered a draft beer and took in the ambiance of the restaurant.  Being mid-winter and with a raging storm, it was bitterly cold outside, however, I have to say that the interior was warm as toast and, understandably so, because the waitresses’ outfits are, as you have no doubt heard and seen, designed by a fashionista who was either an out-of-the-closet  gay female or a red blooded heterosexual male.

I was soon joined by a number of work colleagues, male and female, all a little apprehensive until the waitress took their order.  At that point they, like me, realised that Hooters is professional above all else.  Yip, the most stand-out feature of this restaurant is not the skimpy outfits or beautiful waitresses but the service.

The clientele were varied.  Yes, mostly men but also a lot of woman and even a couple of families.  It was obvious that many people, entering rather sheepishly, were intrigued, curious and even nervous about what lay within a restaurant that had a name like Hooters.  However, the clientele were well-to-do, and they had to be because the food prices were above average for PE.

The menu was typically Southern USA.  Deep fried chicken wings, of which our table took a sample or two or three, were delicious.  I was reliably informed that nachos and burgers were good too.

The whole ambiance of Hooters is one of fun.  It’s, bright, airy and the walls are liberally covered with big screen TV’s, all running sport. I suspect that the waitresses were chosen as much for their curves as for their hospitable nature and bright smiles. 

Honestly, none of us at our table, men and woman, liberal and conservative, felt that Hooters was demeaning to the fairer sex.  All in all we had a most enjoyable evening and I have no shame in saying, “I’ve been to Hooters and I enjoyed it”.


IMAGE supplied by Hooters Port Elizabeth Facebook page