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Hot stuff: Melt your tensions away at Rosewood Day Spa

By Amber Harington - Jul 14, 2015
Hot stuff: Melt your tensions away at Rosewood Day Spa

There comes a time when one just needs a bit of relaxation and pampering. I recently found myself going through one of those moments and in need of some quality ‘me time’ and winter warmth. So, I booked an appointment at Rosewood Day Spa for a hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage, along with a rejuvenating facial.

Owner and therapist, Jacki Peskens, made me feel right at home before showing me towards the treatment room. After I made myself comfortable on the treatment bed, which was made extra comfy by the heated electric blanket, Jacki began with the treatment while I took in the relaxed atmosphere and cosiness of my surroundings.

What also stood out for me was how comfortable the bed’s face hole was. Often, they are either too big or too small for me; this one was well-padded and never felt uncomfortable, which normally threatens to spoil the experience.

Jacki first asked me the level of pressure I preferred. With a firm but gentle hand, she started on my neck before working her way down to my back exposing quite a lot of knots and tension points.

Once done, she placed hot stones on my back. As the heat was absorbed into my stiff muscles, I was overcome by a feeling of serenity as the warmth of the stones dissolved the tension from my body. Hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation!

The stones also necessitated body healing by expanding blood vessels and encouraging better blood flow throughout my body.

With the treatment over, I turned over and prepared for my facial. The products Jacki used are from the Skin Script Range, which contain no artificial fragrances and are all natural. Designed to work deep into the skin, they also assist in removing any dead skin cells and bringing the newer clear cells to the fore. 

She started by applying a cleanser before following it up with an enzyme exfoliator. Although this product had a slight tingly feeling, it made my skin feel refreshed. She completed this treatment with a moisturiser on my face to help make it smoother and more radiant.

My treatment was well worth it and left me feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of the week. I would definitely recommend Rosewood Day Spa for anyone looking for some time out.

To book your treatment, visit Rosewood at 11 Marcia Way in Providentia, Port Elizabeth, or contact 078 839 3224. Also find them on Facebook.