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Housing matters top agenda at mayor’s outreach programme

OCTOBER 3, 2014
Housing matters top agenda at mayor’s outreach programme

Housing delivery issues and rectification were “at the top of the priority list” of all areas visited during his outreach programme, Mayor Ben Fihla told a Special Council meeting on Friday.

In addition, he said, other important concerns were the continued existence of the bucket system and long delays before environmental impact assessments were completed.

Further, he said in his address to Council, accounts queries and inaccurate billing for water “due to estimations” had been among other issues raised.

Fihla said the outreach programme had also indicated that “our communities demand from us that we must think out of the box and innovate when it comes to service delivery”.

With regard to the Presidential Summit on Local Government he attended on September 18, Fihla said he would table a detailed report at the next Council meeting.

The report, he spelled out, would “highlight the areas that need our immediate attention and intervention,” adding that the message from the summit had been clear that “we need to go back to basics”.

With regard to the water situation, the Mayor warned that the current levels of consumption at 270 megalitres a day were “too high and must come down to at least 250 megalitres a day”.

The Mayor also criticised councillors who used the media “as a source of engagement on strategic issues,” adding that he was not trying to limit freedom of speech but wished to encourage councillors to engage his office before approaching the media. - metrominutes