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How four bodies of new-born babies where discovered in a freezer in Mthatha

FEBRUARY 9, 2015
How four bodies of new-born babies where discovered in a freezer in Mthatha

A woman has revealed how she found the bodies of four babies stored amongst food in a refrigerator and freezer in a Mthatha house over the weekend while helping out at her neighbours.

Eastern Cape police over the weekend said that they received a tip-off on Saturday and broke into a house in New Brighton, Mthatha, as the owner was not present at the time, where they found the bodies of four new-born babies.

The owner of the house was apparently in Johannesburg over the weekend, attending the funeral of her partner - who was also the father of her three children.

Reports say that there had been a memorial service for the man on Thursday, and mourners were fed food which came from the freezer and fridges containing the babies' bodies.

Leftovers were even placed back in the fridge.

The woman who made the gruesome discovery, went to clean the home on Saturday and noticed a foul stench.

Thinking that the meat had gone off due to load shedding, she started to clean the freezers and discovered the bodies.

One body was found in a freezer in the dining room and three were found in a kitchen refrigerator. Three of them were in black garbage bags and one was wrapped in baby clothes. They bodies are believed to be about a month old.

Neighbours, who were horrified by the gruesome discovery, described the couple as friendly and religious.

Police are investigating and reportedly tracking down the home-owner while autopsies are being conducted on the dead bodies.