So in the meantime, reserve your copy

If you're eligible to receive the Windows 10 upgrade, you'll see a small new-style Windows logo in the notification area (formerly known as the System Tray) on the right side of your taskbar. To get started, simply click on this.

Windows 10 Upgrade icon


You'll will be taken to this window with info about the upgrade process.

 How to Upgrade to Windows 10

You can use this dialog to check whether your PC is capable of running Windows 10, but it's unlikely that you'd get the update icon if your PC couldn't handle it. Microsoft have also tried to make the system requirements for Windows 10 not that demanding.

Check Windows 10 System Requirements


After you tap the "Reserve your free upgrade" link, this window will appear saying "Great, your update is reserved!"

 Windows 10 Reserved


You can elect to have a confirmation email sent to you, but you'll still get the update if you don't. While the message on the screen says the new OS code will be downloaded to your machine on July 29, Microsoft has stated that it could take several weeks before the upgrader reaches everyone who's reserved a copy.

Install Windows 10

When Windows 10 is ready for your PC, you'll see this window:


Windows 10 Is Here


Before you click on "OK, let's continue," back up your files. Remember, while Windows 10 has been tested on millions of PCs already, there is still a chance that your particular combination of hardware, drivers, and software could result in disaster.

With that done, simply run the setup. You'll see this message box telling you that the setup is preparing itself:


Preparing Windows 10 Upgrade


The setup program downloads updates and restarts itself. Next you OK the license terms, and finally it's ready to start the actual upgrade:


Ready to Install Windows 10


In a very welcome change from Windows 8.x, the Windows 10 upgrader keeps your installed software in place, and unless it's very old, for example it uses 16-bit code, the software should run. If you have problems, you can right-click on the program file and choose "Troubleshoot compatibility." If you want a fresh start and don't want to keep programs or data files, you can make that choice in this screen during the setup process:


Windows 10 - What to Keep


Here's what you'll see during the first part of the installation:


Installing Windows 10


There's a second set-up phase during which you'll see a circular percent countdown.


Upgrading Windows 10



What if you make the upgrade and you don't like what you see? Microsoft has another surprise that breaks remarkably from the past: You have a month to go back to your previous operating system version.


Downgrade Windows 10


Article based on one from PC Magzine.