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How to prepare for safe holidays with Trellidor

OCTOBER 28, 2014
How to prepare for safe holidays with Trellidor

The 2013/2014 crime statistics released by the SAPS showed that residential robberies have increased, so Trellidor has some suggestions on how to prepare for a peaceful festive season whether you’re planning to be home or away.

Take an inventory.  Check who has access to the house, keys and portable remote controls.  Don’t leave keys lying around inside your holiday house or permanent home when you’re out.  It’s so easy for casual workers to check on their serial numbers and get copies made. 

Play it safe. Install a small, hidden safe to store valuables at home as well as your holiday home, if you own it.  But if thieves somehow find out about it, let them take it as your life is worth more than your possessions.  Don’t leave cell phones and other small valuables lying around as they’re easy to pick up and slip into a pocket.

Keep it tidyLock away tools, toys and garden implements so burglars can’t use them to break in. Don’t leave items that are easily stolen on the patio as they’re tempting to thieves. Clean up the shrubbery on your boundary so that there are no hiding places for prowlers. Take new purchase packaging to the dump or break it up into small pieces and bin it rather than leaving it outside advertising your new acquisitions.

Precautionary emergency measures.  If you go out at night, leave interior lights on plus the TV or radio so that the house looks and sounds occupied.  Keep a list of local emergency numbers near the landline or programmed into your mobile phone. If away on holiday, get these from the tourism information centre. Lock up every time you leave the house empty for any length of time.

Audit your physical security.  Check that there are barriers on every single access point in your permanent or holiday home, leaving no vulnerable areas for robbers to exploit. Some often forgotten weak points to secure with the best quality barriers you can afford include patio doors; the doorway leading from your garage into the house; small windows that look like no-one can get through them (they can!); and the passage or stairway.

If you need any help with securing your property, why not make use of the experts and contact your local Trellidor franchise?  They’ll do a free security assessment of your holiday or permanent home and give you ideas on how to improve the protection of the more vulnerable areas that would tempt housebreakers.