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How you can help police solve crimes you witnessed

Mar 11, 2016
How you can help police solve crimes you witnessed

The  South African Police Service in Humansdorp has called on local communities to partner with them in the fight against crime in an attempt to curb the prevailing incidents of crime and violence in their area. 

"The SAPS needs your assistance to bring perpetrator/s to book," said police spokesperson, Lieutenant Gerda Swart.   

Lt Swart said that the following guidelines on observation techniques can assist the SAPS with their investigations into a specific crime:

*Observe – but don’t make it obvious that you are observing the perpetrator/s.                                 

*Focus on one person at a time and gain an overall impression of his/her height, build, weapon or firearm used, clothing, special features (birthmarks, a limp,  etc.).

*Look at detail: facial features (round/ sharp, eyes close set/wide apart, etc.).  If a vehicle was used – look at the model, colour, make, registration number,etc.               

*Listen – remember names used by the suspects.

*Remember what they touch, where they walk, body fluids deposited, any cigarette butts discarded.

"Remember never to risk your life or that of the persons around you to obtain information," she said.

"Contact your local police station at SAPS Humansdorp on 042 200 4717/18 with any information pertaining to crime."