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Huge turnout to Port Elizabeth’s first Pokémon group hunt

Huge turnout to Port Elizabeth’s first Pokémon group hunt

There was a relatively a much bigger- than-anticipated turnout at the first Port Elizabeth Pokémon GO group hunt on Saturday.

More than 200 Pokémon GO players descended on The Lighthouse in The Boardwalk to join in the group’s first unofficial Pokémon Hunt. Besides the hunt, the event provided the men and women, with ages ranging from 16 to 30, from all over Port Elizabeth to come out and bond with other players.

The group was introduced to the main organisers of the event, who then explained how the walk would go and the routes they would take in order to capture the most Pokémon and items from Pokéstops.

The walk started off great, with the whole group moving in unison towards The Boardwalk and going towards the Pokéstops in the area.

Many people had teamed up along the way and broke off at certain points to head towards Pokéstops in different directions. There was even a group that tried to take over the main Pokémon Gym in The Boardwalk, only to end in defeat.

The event was off to a great start, however disaster struck for the Pokémon Trainers as the servers suddenly crashed only one hour into the hunt and made gameplay impossible.

It turns out that Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO, had arranged for the game to be officially released in 29 countries in Europe that day.

The massive spike of new players effectively crashed the system globally, cutting the group hunt short and leaving many players disappointed.

However, this has not deterred the Pokémon trainers forever.

An official Group Hunt has already been organised to take place at the end of the month for the official release of Pokémon GO in South Africa. More information will be posted in the Pokémon GO group for Port Elizabeth closer to the time.

So don’t fret fellow Pokémon trainers, there will be more chances to collect free items and Pokémon with others very soon. Gotta catch ém all!