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Hungry for Chinese?: Indulge in classic oriental dining at Esian Chinese Restaurant

Hungry for Chinese?: Indulge in classic oriental dining at Esian Chinese Restaurant

Did you know that when eating a Chinese meal, you actually not supposed to stab or skewer your food with your chopsticks? You are also not supposed to carelessly wave them around in the air or use them to refill your own bowl… Chinese dining is all about elegant conduct at the table as it is about the food.

Talking about the food; be warned because the food at Esian Chinese Restaurant, which is located in Westering, is dangerously addictive.

I had been feeling drained, peckish and wanting to try a new dining experience when I learnt about Esian. In true Chinese tradition, I decided I would not be eating alone and roped in my work colleagues for lunch.

Arriving at Esian, we were greeted with a great big smile by one of their friendly waitresses, who promptly ushered us to a colourful and beautifully-decorated table. Soft, soothing music played in the background complimenting the restaurant’s elegant set up. I immediately felt more relaxed in my surroundings!

I must say, while the walls were decorated with lovely artwork, I was gladly surprised that there was a big flat screen television on the wall. That meant we could indulge in our meals whilst still being able to cheer on the Bokke.

They also have a fully-stocked bar, which is great for those who just want to pop in for a drink or wait for their take-away.

After chatting for a short while, we each ordered scented Jasmine tea, which was a refreshing start to our lunch date. Yum!

As a starter, we each decided to try their bowl of vegetarian Hot and Sour Pot, and my first spoonful was incredible. The flavours flawlessly complemented each other, having a perfect balance between the hot and sour taste.

We also decided to order the juicy, tender chicken and beef dumplings, dipped in soya sauce and sweet and sour sauce, these were delicious.

Before we knew it, our mains had arrived and we could not wait to tuck in. Presented in a buffet style, with various dishes to choose from, for a moment I didn’t know where to begin… There were five dishes altogether, which included a bit of everything. One of the bowls had a portion of Egg Fried Rice, and this is where I eventually started.

To balance out the tasty rice dish, there was a delectable plate of sesame seed pork, marinated in a sweet and sour sauce. This dish left us all speechless. It was incredibly succulent and by the end, we were fighting for the last few pieces.

After having completely polished off the contents of my bowl, I moved onto the cucumber seafood salad which was delightful, and full of flavour. I then dug into the garlic prawns, which were flavoured with garlic, and cooked to perfection.

Apart from the dishes mentioned, Esian has a wide selection of meal options to choose from including the Chicken Chow Mein, Shanghai Steak and Sweet and Sour Pork, just to name a few.

We ended our lunch break off with another cup of Jasmine tea and some light banter, and I felt that I could take on the rest of the week.

Excellent service, delicious food and a peaceful setting makes this one of my favourite restaurants in the Bay and I will definitely be back very soon!

Owners of Esian Chinese Restaurant will also be opening a new establishment called Panda House Restaurant in October, which will be situated at the King’s Court Shopping Centre in Walmer Heights

To make a booking, call Esian Chinese Restaurant on 041 360 2597 or visit them at 10c Boshoff Street in Westering, Port Elizabeth. You can also find them on Facebook.