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Hydrate Project Accumulates Water for Drought Areas

Jan 27, 2016
Hydrate Project Accumulates Water for Drought Areas

During the extreme heat experienced over December and January together with the realisation that our communities upcountry were suffering a severe drought, the citizens of George started to accumulate water, to be delivered by holiday makers who returned home from their Garden Route holidays. 

This project has now expanded into 1,000s of litres of usable water being sent to various drought stricken areas of our country.  This project is symbolic of the culture of caring and community spirit found within the beautiful people of George.  With most of the municipal officials back from leave, the George Municipality will join in the George community-wide drive to support these drought stricken communities by sending them water.

The Executive Mayor, Alderman Charles Standers said: “George is not unknown with drought conditions.  We understand catastrophes like that. During the local drought between 2009 and 2010 we invested more than R100 million in an endeavor to secure a constant water supply for the residents of George.  Therefore, George Municipality takes hands with the Coordinators of the George Pay it Forward community.”

Madeleine Dehantschutter of George Pay it forward was present at the handover.

Alderman Standers, launched a campaign requesting all City Councillors and municipal staff members to join in this worthy endeavor.  “While the humans and animals alike in some regions of our country crave a few more drops of water, God has blessed George with ample rain and water reserves, therefore it is a privilege to “Pay it forward,” he said.

On Tuesday, 26 January 2016, Aldm Standers  activated his “Pay it Forward” hydrate campaign by handing over more than 1,000 litres of water, which will be sent to people of Winburg, free of charge, later this week. Alderman Standers donated 125 x five litre bottles of water to the community campaign coordinators, at the main entrance of the George Civic Centre. He thanked all the Councillors and officials and people of the public who donated water.

Alderman Standers said it was only the start of the campaign and people can still donate water.

He also requested that everyone brings along any clean and empty 5 litre water bottles that they may have lying unused at home.  These will be used to package other water donations in user friendly form.

Anyone who may be able to participate in the hydrate project by donating transport or more water is welcome to contact Coordinator MadeleineDehantschutter at 083 397 8106.

PHOTO CAPTION: At the handover from left are Morne Strauss from Shell Kraaibosch who also donated water, Cllrs Rassie de Villiers, Gert Niehaus, Aldm Standers, Cllrs Henry Jones, Lionel Esau, Johan du Toit and Madeleine Dehantschutter of George Pay it forward. In front is Fred Potts, caretaker at the George Civic Centre.