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'I don’t hate white people, but I love black people more': Malema on Trollip

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 29, 2018
'I don’t hate white people, but I love black people more': Malema on Trollip

Addressing a huge crowd of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters, who on Wednesday gathered at the Nangoza Jebe Hall in New Brighton for the party's mass rally ahead of its motion against Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, Julius Malema denied that he had any “hatred towards white people”.

“I don’t hate white people, but I love black people more. I don’t cheat, I am in a relationship with black people,” Malema said.

He emphasized that the EFF had simply lost confidence in Trollip's leadership of the Metro, whom they previously defended from another motion, and that did not mean he had hatred for white people.

Malema then narrated how the injustices of apartheid and how white people stole land from black people - "killing them and repeatedly raping domestic workers".

“Black people never raped domestic workers, because they never had domestic workers, but no I don’t hate white people because hate is not within us like they were taught by their forefathers to hate black people because of the color of their skin,” he described.

Malema also said that the removal of Trollip is about the land not about him being white.

“I’m not going to give up until Trollip is not the mayor of this Metro. I want to have a clean heart when my children ask me what did I do when the Democratic Alliance (DA) rejected the occupation of land without compensation,” he said.

The EFF leader added that he would do everything in his power to ensure that Trollip be removed and land be brought back to its rightful owners - black people.

Malema promised that Trollip will not finish his term as Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor even if he survives Thursday's motion of no confidence against him.

"He will go... There can be a marriage of convenience with gangsters, but he will go... We will not stop. We can fail [on Thursday], but we will come back again and again - he will go."

It is the second time that a motion of no confidence against Trollip has been submitted to Council for debate.

The first one was brought against him by the Patriotic Alliance (PA), who have since joined ranks with the DA aginst the EFF motion - with the promise of the PA's Councillor, Marlon Daniels, getting the Deputy Executive Mayor position should it be reinstated.

Malema called on EFF members to come out in their numbers and protest outside the Council meeting on Thursday.

As things stand, the numbers don't favour the EFF.

The DA has its 57 seats and its coalition partners, the COPE and the ACDP have one seat each - for a total of 59 votes in the 120-seat council.

On the one side, the ANC has 50 seats, the EFF has six, the UDM has two seats, the African Independent Congress (AIC) has one seat and the United Front Eastern Cape has one seat.

The Patriotic Alliance, with its one seat, then holds the crucial vote - which brings voting to a stalmate.

In that situation, Council Speaker, Jonathan Lawack, of the DA, who also faces the chop if the motions go through, will cast the deciding vote.