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'I made a mistake killing my Zimbabwean brother, should've killed this prostitute'

By Afikile Lugunya - Jun 12, 2018
'I made a mistake killing my Zimbabwean brother, should've killed this prostitute'

The rape and murder trial of a Zimbabwean man, who allegedly raped his ex-girlfriend and brutally murdered her boyfriend, was on Tuesday postponed to Wednesday in the Port Elizabeth High Court.

On Monday, the State called its first witness, the victim and accused - Trust Tofa's, ex-girlfriend.

She cannot be named.

The woman described to the court how she was brutally beaten by Tofa in the stomach on that fateful day in November 2016 and later raped while her late boyfriend had to be rushed to hospital. She said that she was six months pregnant at the time.

She said that after dating Tofa, she briefly dated a Xhosa man, whom she did not name, who is the father of her baby, who was born prematurely because of the attack she endured at the hands of Tofa.

Because she was always fighting with the Xhosa man, she began a relationship another Zimbabwean man, Godfrey Kumire.

Kumire later died of his injuries after the couple was attacked by Tofa at their home.

However, as she narrated what happened to the court, Tofa, accused her of telling lies and of being a prostitute claiming that the Zimbabwean man he killed was essentially his brother, therefore by dating “brothers” proves that South African women have no moral standards.

Still, the woman continued and described how Tofa - also called 'Chillies', kicked their kitchen door open in the early hours of  the 18th  of November 2016.

After finding the deceased, Godfrey Kumire, sleeping, he beat him up with an iron rod until he shivered from the pain Tofa inflicted.

"Whilst hitting him, he cursed and was swearing at him saying that 'I've been telling you to stay away from my girlfriend'," the woman said.

"My sister tried to stop him by throwing boiling water at him. However, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the head.

"I tried to stop him from stabbing my sister and the knife cut three of my fingers - counting from the little finger to the middle finger of my left hand."

The witness described how the accused then grabbed her and dragged her to a house of a friend where the brutal beating and the rape happened.

"I was six months pregnant when he beat me in the stomach at his friend's house after he grabbed me by force leaving my late boyfriend shivering in pain. It was dark and he continued to do it until there was light, which I saw coming through the curtain."

She said that Tofa kept telling her, he wanted the baby in her stomach to die, which is why he kept beating her in the stomach.

At this, Tofa then shouted; "South African black women don't have morals".

He told Judge Jannie Ekseen that his time was being wasted, while he listens to “nonsense” and could be playing soccer.

"She is lying and indeed she is a b*tch. I'm the one with knife stab wounds all over my body and yet she says I stabbed someone," Tofa said.

But, the woman continued; "He was beating me up in the stomach with clenched fists while I was begging him to stop saying that he would kill the child."

She said that after the beating, he then raped her twice.

"I hit her and I should have hit her even harder. I feel aggravated now and I feel like I should have hit her worse," Tofa interrupted.

"You take her out of my sight because I feel angrier. As long as I am alive, I should never see her - even in 100 years because seeing her makes me angry.

"It's my relative, who died not hers - in this case I'm the one, who should be grieving. She's a prostitute, I lost a Zimbabwean brother because of her.

“I made a mistake in killing a Zimbabwean brother, I should have killed a prostitute.

"Even if I see you in 100 or 200 years, I will beat you and kill you. If you are dead by then I will find your children and beat them."

At this, the woman started crying on the stand and Judge Eksteen had to adjourn the proceedings for five minutes to allow for calm.

When proceedings resumed, the witness continued describing what occurred in 2016.

She said that she was saved by a male friend, who found the door unlocked at the house where she was raped. She was then taken to the police and the police took her to Dora Nginza Hospital where she was examined.

After a few days, while she was in hospital, she started bleeding and an operation to save the baby was done.

Fortunately, the baby boy survived although he was born with a whole in his heart and the two had to stay in hospital for three months.