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IDP annual review engagement meetings

Nov 1, 2017
IDP annual review engagement meetings

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) annual review engagement meetings started Monday, 23 October until 1 November 2017 to allow Ward Committees an opportunity to review the IDP ward priorities and reprioritise projects where necessary.

George Municipality Council adopted the five-year Integrated Development Plan during May 2017.

The drafting of the IDP started concurrently with the establishment of Ward Committees and this created a gap in terms of Ward Committee input as they could not participate as a legislated stakeholder in the process.

These meetings will also allow for feedback on the progress made with regards to existing projects and share information on future projects.

It is expected of Ward Councillors in conjunction with Ward Committees to go back to their constituencies to confirm the top 10 priorities for their respective wards and submit it to the IDP office by 15 November.

The Municipality will inter alia measure its service delivery efforts against these priorities.

Image: Wardidp2: Ward Committee members and Councillor for Ward 14 are clockwise from left, John Pato, Solomon Rhode, Rosina Deyce, Blanche Klassen, Cllr Edmund Bussack, Julian Klassen, Charleen Titus, Gert Olivier and Sarah Yazo.