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IEC unveils new system for voters with special needs

By Asavela Fekema - Jun 7, 2016
IEC unveils new system for voters with special needs

A new special voting system has been unveiled by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and will be available on their phones via SMS until the 08th of July. This will be the first time that voters will be using this method ahead of the 2016 Local Government elections in August.

Once a person registers, they will receive an SMS notifying a person of the outcome of the application once it has been processed, but one can also check their statuses online.

According to the IEC, only people, who cannot travel to their voting stations because they are disabled, pregnant or cannot vote on that day, can use that system.

People can apply for special votes if they have registered for voting and if they have a green, barcoded ID book, smartcard ID, or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate.

To make sure that you're registered and to find out where you're registered, you can:

  • Check your voters registration status online atwww.elections.org.za
  • SMS your ID number to 32810
  • Dial *120*432# on your cellphone.

The IEC will still be using the old method of registering, such as submitting the MEC35 form at your local office, and people must remember that forms can only be hand delivered, but someone else can still deliver the form on