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'I'm not about lip service' Daniels says during oversight to Daku

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 25, 2018
'I'm not about lip service' Daniels says during oversight to Daku

"I'm not about lip service", Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC for Roads and Transport, Marlon Daniels, described after getting a blocked sewage drain addressed on Tuesday - within less than an hour of becoming aware of it.

Residents of Daku, in Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth, described the sewage drain to have been blocked since November 2017. Apparently a team of municipal workers came to fix it, but left without completing their job as they were called to attend to needs in other areas.

Daniels was conducting an oversight visit in the township after reading of the residents’ plight on an online news report.

The residents complained that the sewerage problem had left them unable to even park their cars in their yards.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in February this year said it was moving ward to ward, fixing damaged streets.

The Metro said that accusations that its workers abandoned the fixing of the sewage problem to attend to other areas were not completely true. It said that the delay was caused by the main line in that road, which would disturb water supply to the whole area.

Nceba Mxadana, who resides in the area, said that the situation was bad and it had resulted in the community conducting discussions about the smell.

Daniels said that residents should not live there like pigs – it was because the workers were not directly affected by the sewerage that they were not in a hurry to fix it.

"Should it have been in Lorraine or anywhere where it affected us directly, then it would have been fixed right away, but because it's in the township, so it doesn't matter because black people are used to it so they must just wait," he said.

Daniels said that he was made aware of the problem on Tuesday morning and right there and then, he decided to drop his schedule for the day to attend to the problem.

Within less than 30 minutes after the MMC made calls, water pumps were brought on site and the water was pumped out.

"There are many things happening in the Metro that I am not aware of, I can only respond to such once they have been brought to my attention,” he said.

"Our townships and Northern areas are still neglected by this current government so I make it my duty to help as far as I can bit by bit," he described.

Asked if he'd respond as quickly to all incidents in the Bay, he said: "I'm pleased that somebody's life is being impacted here and if my attention would be brought to something similar to this anywhere in the Bay, then I will go now to attend to it.

"If we talk about it without action, then we won't get anywhere so I'm not about lip service."

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