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Improving financial literacy to improve Early Childhood Development centre sustainability

Improving financial literacy to improve Early Childhood Development centre sustainability

Unity in Africa Foundation and Metropolitan, a financial services provider, has embarked on a journey to train owners of early childhood development (ECD) centres in the Eastern and Northern Cape about financial literacy.
The collaborative vision of these organisations, enabled by Early Inspiration, is to equip ECD practitioners with the tools they need to improve their financial literacy. Poor financial management can often lead to practitioners falling into uncontrollable debt cycles, enlisting the services of loan sharks or resorting to gambling and other destructive habits. This ultimately results in poor management of the ECD Centre, which in-turn impacts negatively on the children of our society.

Mid-way through the project, 152 individuals in rural Eastern Cape and 163 from the rural Northern Cape have begun their personal and professional development training.

Delegates have found the training to be incredibly valuable and relevant as it addresses challenges they face daily. As the training forms part of an accredited programme, which is recognised across South Africa, it has stringent quality assurance measures and deliverables in place.

Dr. Lauren Stretch, founder of Early Inspiration, says: “We believe in sustainable intervention and as a result, are committed to implementing a quality programme that makes a tangible difference to peoples’ lives. The goal of the workshops is to educate South African practitioners on how to effectively manage the finances of their centres, ultimately stopping the cycle of poverty.”

The first day of training is where the penny drops for many practitioners. On day one, the trainer outlines their role and responsibilities so that delegates can better understand the link between early childhood development and the eradication of long-term cycles of poverty.

Needless to say, this realisation sets the tone for a very inspiring and engaged series of training days.

To find out more about how to get involved and support the training of early childhood practitioners, visit www.earlyinspiration.co.za.