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‘Incident result of DA using apartheid police tactics at evictions’

By Afikile Lugunya - Apr 14, 2018
‘Incident result of DA using apartheid police tactics at evictions’

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Nelson Mandela Bay region on Friday blamed the Democratic Alliance (DA) for the incident in which a man from Kwadwesi, in Port Elizabeth, was arrested after throwing his one-year-old daughter from the roof of his shack on Thursday.

It said that if it had not been for the DA’s apartheid police tactics while removing the illegal settlement, the incident would not have occurred.

Regional Secretary of the ANC, NMB region, Themba Xathula, said that the ANC will continue to defend the rights of people when it comes to land and housing as it was decided at their 54th national conference.

“The DA-led coalition undermines the Council decision that was taken on the 25 January 2018, which stipulates that all evictions must go through Council and a multi-party task team be established when there is illegal occupation of land,” Xathula said.

He added: “Their arrogance led to our people taking drastic action of throwing babies from rooftops. Indeed, as per council resolution, the DA never attempted to adhere to what the resolution stipulates.”

Xathula highlighted that the Metro should be a place of service delivery and he understands the frustration of the people.

“We are not really surprised as we have seen this taking place in Cape Town and everywhere else where the DA is in power.

“Their apartheid police tactics used with dealing with unarmed citizens, young people and women live a lot to be desired,” he described.

“When as well, the use of live ammunition by the recently launched metro police and SAPS instead of engaging with communities also says a lot about the leadership style of DA, if you can call it leadership at all.”

Xathula went on to blame Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC for Human Settlement, Nqaba Bhanga, for dividing communities because the DA-led coalition “did not build a single house in the Metro.”

“He is hijacking the program that was set by the ANC when we were in government,” he added.

“He is so arrogant and ignorant used by the racist DA as he was the former member of the ANC; he is just a puppet of baas Trollip.

“The ANC condemn the action of the metro police and SAPS and we are looking forward to meet with their superiors armed with council resolution.”

Xathula added; “We would also like to place it on record that, contrary to what MMC for Sports, Arts, Recreation and Culture, Councillor Sjadu - who for some reason doubles up as a sangoma, said it is incorrect that the ANC disrupted public meetings on IDP.

“The ANC developed the current program used for IDP i.e. people are invited as individual’s citizens to attend a municipal meeting and participate as such.

“There is no sane or sober person that can say that citizens, even if their political affiliation is known, are not speaking on behalf of anyone, but themselves.

“We further call upon the DA-led municipality to return all the assets that were destroyed during the evictions, this in line with the council resolution of 25th January 2018.”

“The fact is, people are rejecting the DA-led coalition and baas Trollip. Cheque collectors like Cllr Sjadu and Cllr Bhanga are being exposed daily by our people for what they really are.”

Meanwhile, Bhanga said that the DA will attend trial of the man.

“What this father did, endangering his own child for the sake of a political protest, amounts to gross domestic abuse,” he added.

“The DA will also use this opportunity to applaud Constable Luyolo Nojulumba for rescuing the infant in Joe Slovo, Kwadwesi Township, in Port Elizabeth.

“We urge all police members, especially those, who work in the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) units, to work diligently to bring justice to the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.”