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Increasing your bottom line through a shift in your culture

Jun 28, 2018
Increasing your bottom line through a shift in your culture

Cape-based behavior change specialists, are awarded Preferred Heartstyles Partner status in South Africa (including a Joint Venture as the provider of International Coaching to the global Heartstyles client base).

Tidal, an innovative people development consultancy, was acknowledged by UK-based Heartstyles, for its high impact delivery to a diverse range of clients across South Africa, and in particular to YUM! and KFC South Africa.

YUM!, the Global (QSR) Quick Service Restaurant leader believes that corporate culture has a direct impact on bottom line results; and their household brands such as KFC and Pizza Hut, are proving them right across the globe.

When Pizza Hut UK CEO, Jens Hofma was appointed, he inherited a struggling business with a decade of sluggish results behind it. Three years later, he had engineered a 55% improvement in overall employee effectiveness. He had succeeded in aligning 8000 employees behind the mantra

The best of me and the best of us’ by supporting and measuring an organization wide shift in behaviors. In short, he had successfully evolved the culture towards higher levels of performance.

To enable this trajectory of results, Hofma selected the Heartstyles Indicator as the preferred tool to support this evolution of Pizza Hut’s culture. This process was complemented by innovative adjustments to the menu, on trend re-design of the interior décor, simplification of essential skills for front line servers and improving operation.

Hofma insists that “These changes were brought to market swiftly, because of the underlying culture change and improved behavioural effectiveness.”

“Our team has been working with Heartstyles since 2008” said Marc Rogatschnig, co-founder and MD of Tidal, “and the Pizza Hut case study shows the tremendous turnaround the business experienced. We are observing similar outcomes within the retail, financial services, fin-tech and marketing sectors in South Africa.”

“Heartstyles reflects our belief that corporate change is possible, when one person shifts their behavior at a time. Using the powerful Heartstyles indicator and experiential learning activities, we connect people with heart- level transformation and provide a clear roadmap for personal and leadership development.’

“We believe our work is a disruption to the normal development interventions because we help people explore why they do what they do, whereas most other tools simple tell people what they are. We dive to the very drivers of behavior” said Rogatschnig.

Heartstyles will be available in 24 languages by the end of 2018, and is touching lives on every continent in the world.

image: Jens Hofma