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Indonesia continues to execute drug traffickers

Mar 3, 2015
Indonesia continues to execute drug traffickers

Indonesian President, Joko Widodo has rejected clemency requests from at least 16 convicted drug traffickers since he took office in October last year.

Six convicted drug smugglers were executed in January, in a move which drew protests from Brazil and the Netherlands, whose nationals were among those put to death.

Inmates expected to be executed this month include two Australians and one each from the Philippines, France, Nigeria, Indonesia and Ghana.

Meanwhile, the execution of a convicted Brazilian drug smuggler could be postponed if he is found to be mentally ill.

The Indonesian Attorney-General says his office was seeking a second opinion on the convict's condition after a psychiatrist appointed by his lawyers certified him to be schizophrenic.

However, he could still be executed regardless of his present condition on grounds that he was mentally sound when he was convicted and sentenced to death in 2005 for smuggling cocaine into Indonesia.

Photo caption: NO CLEMENCY... Indonesian President, Joko Widodo.