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Industrial quality water at Coega of utmost economic importance

Oct 6, 2014
Industrial quality water at Coega of utmost economic importance

The Coega Development Corporation says that a “reliable and sustainable supply of industrial quality water...is of utmost economic and environmental importance”.

In addition, the Corporation states in its Annual Report 2013/14 it “is key to attracting development and sustaining the marketability of the Coega SEZ to investors, particularly large consumers of water”.

The Report points out that the use of recycled water - Return Effluent (RE) - is an environmental condition prescribed by the Department of Environmental Affairs for key industries in the SEZ.

It says that the first phase of the RE supply is based on the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality providing Category 4 industrial processed water at the Fishwater Flats Waste Water Treatment Works.

The Annual Report states that con-version of the current activated sludge process into a Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) system “will provide at least Category 4 industrial water”.

It notes that the value of this is that it will allow the CDC “to attract new and service current investors that require Category 4 industrial water for their processes”.

The Report says that the RE schemer will also contribute to the financial sustainability and growth of the SEZ as it will generate revenue for the CDC.

In addition, the scheme will contribute to making Coega the “preferred investment destination” and contribute to its commercialisation initiative.

The Report states that it is envisaged that the investment will create an additional 180 permanent jobs opportunities within the RE water supply facility.

“Further job prospects will be forth-coming by way of attracted investors due to the availability of utilities such as the Return Effluent water supply.” - metrominutes