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Installation of the 29th Chaplain at St Andrew's College

Nov 3, 2016
Installation of the 29th Chaplain at St Andrew's College

At a very moving service in the St Andrew’s College Chapel on Sunday night the Revd David Stansbury was installed as the 29th Chaplain to the College by Bishop Ebenezer Ntlali.

The chapel was packed to capacity with the boys and David’s family, friends and colleagues. The ceremony was beautifully scripted and began with a musical call from the Pipe Major Callum Southey for the guests and congregation to assemble in the Chapel.

This was followed by the clergy procession to the resounding sound of the organ as the service began. Bishop Ebenezer, in his gently and yet profoundly sincere presentation, preached the sermon of encouragement to Father David and his wife, Lindy. He also exhorted the congregation to be supportive of the vital ministry offered to the school by the Chaplain.

When it came to the liturgy of Installation Father David was required to take an Oath of Canonical Obedience to the Bishop and to make the formal Declarations required of his office.

The Headmaster and other dignitaries then formally welcomed Father David into our community by presenting him with various symbols which represented his overall ministry to our school community.

St Andrew’s College feels very blessed to receive the ministry of an experienced and Spirit-filled priest to pick up on the foundations laid by Father Gary Griffith-Smith.

Father David, we promise to pray for you as we work faithfully together to the Glory of God and the continued spiritual growth of our school. 

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