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Inter-House Shooting at St Andrew’s College

Sep 20, 2017
Inter-House Shooting at St Andrew’s College

Shooting in the luxury of a temporary indoor range made all the difference to the competition again this year. It was fiercely contested between the Houses of St Andrew's College, with only the narrowest of differences in the scores to separate the placings.

Out of a potential total of 448 boys able to shoot, only 23 failed to do so – 14 of those from one House. There was an excellent turn-out from the staff, 47 of whom shot the competition.

High praise for the Shooting Specialist who helped all competitors with equal care, and without prejudice. Service to others often needs to begin within the College community, and my warm thanks is extended to each one of them.


6th                               Mullins                                  54.64474

5th                               Merriman                             67.49383

4th                               Espin                                      67.56164

3rd                               Armstrong                            67.92857

2nd                               Graham                                 69.03750

1st                               Upper                                    69.51351


The Staff Medal

This competition was just as keenly contested. 15 Members of staff obtained scores of 85 and above; and the final 3 placings were within 3 points of each other.


3rd                               Mr W Eksteen                     91

2nd                               Mrs M Human                     93

1st                               Mr Scott Jackson                94


The Egyptian Trophy

Comforting as it was to shoot the Air Rifle event in the Drill Hall, it was a completely different matter when the Egyptian Trophy was shot on Saturday morning. Swales of rain, gusts of wind, and magnificent young men turned out for this competition. Although the match was shortened, and the scores were not exactly awe-inspiring, then end result was achieved with everyone doing the best that could be done in really poor conditions.

Hats off to all of them! I suspect, in later years when they look back at their College years, those 36 young men will remember the 2017 Egyptian Trophy as the most way out, radical thing that they did as competing teams. To those who participated with the best spirit in the world – my congratulations and respect.


6th                               Mullins

5th                               Armstrong

4th                               Merriman

3rd                               Espin

2nd                               Upper

1st                               Graham.


Top scorer on the day was Nick de Jager with a magnificent score of 163. He, along with Carl van de Wall, Mitch de Kock, Matthew Mackenzie, Hugo Ngxenge, Ethan Royle, Murray Danckwerts, and Avela Opperman have qualified for the Jock Hobson Tankard prize which will be decided on Wednesday 11 October.

The first Shooting scores were recorded 140 years ago, in 1877. The staff medal was awarded by Maj. Robin Collins (OA) of First City to commemorate this achievement. Mr Scott Jackson is seen receiving the medal.

Inter-House: The Arthur Matthews Trophy was awarded to Upper House.

The Egyptian Trophy was awarded to Graham House.