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Interest Shown In Establishing Further Special Rating Areas

Nov 26, 2014
Interest Shown In Establishing Further Special Rating Areas

Interest has been shown in a number of other areas for the establishment of special rating areas (SRA), Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) Operations Manager Mcebisi Ncalu said this morning.

Ncalu said that there had been interest expressed in Walmer where the MBDA was assessing the “appetite” for an SRA through a public participation process, as well as from Central and Mount Croix.

An SRA is a demarcated area where property owners agree to pay a small additional amount of rates to pay for additional security and cleaning services.

The funds are collected by the munici-pality with normal rates and are then paid to a Section 21 company established for the purpose of managing the SRA.

A majority of property owners in the specified area must indicate their support for the proposal in writing.

With regard to Richmond Hill, where a majority of property owners have supported the declaration of an SRA, Ncalu said that the final administrative issues were now being wrapped up before the metro’s first SRA became fully operational.

He said that the Section 21 company had been registered and approved and the process of signing and agreement between this company and municipality would now be completed

Ncalu said it was expected that the SRA would be fully operational from December 1.

In addition to providing additional security and cleansing services, funds administered by the Section 21 company can also be used for any other purpose aimed at improving the area generally, such as the planting of trees and other greenery. -MetroMinutes

Photo courtesy of FireflyAfrica.